RTTY Roundup

N1MM on screen
N1MM Logger Plus+ is set up with MMTTY, ready for RTTY Roundup.

RTTY Roundup is tomorrow and Sunday. I spent some time this afternoon getting my computer set up with MMTTY software and connecting it to N1MM Logger+. I used some good guides by AA5AU here and here.

I don’t have high expectations for a record breaking score – that’s hard to do with a modest station and wire antennas, but we’ll see. It’s still fun racking up contacts, and seeing which bands open up. Most of my points will probably come via a Search and Pounce strategy, but later in the contest when the big guns go looking for multipliers, I hope to find a good run.

In the past 40m has been the most productive for me, with 80m opening up in the evening. 20m is pretty full of operators, but it’s crowded and sometimes hard for my little signals to break through. There are usually a few points to be had on 15m, so I’ll check there every now and then. Even 10m has some potential.

If you’re on the air for the contest at all, I hope to work you. Have fun!

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